Crimes Against Kurds

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Crimes Against Kurds


Operation Olive Branch is an ongoing military operation conducted by the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA) in the majority-Kurdish Afrin District of Rojava, northern Syria. The air war and use of major artillery ended as the Arab and Turkmen militias of the TFSA entered the city of Afrin on 18th March 2018, and the insurgency phase began. By March 2018, pro-Shia news reported that the United Nations had counted 167,000 refugees in nearby camps; the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights later estimated that a total of 300,000 Kurdish people had been displaced. In the aftermath of the conflict, Turkish forces implemented a resettlement policy by moving refugees from Eastern Ghouta into the newly-empty homes. Many houses, farms, and other private property belonging to those that fled the conflict have been seized or looted by the TFSA.

These videos are just a small sample of the many videos of crimes that have taken place since and during the Turkish advance and occupation of Afrin, Rojava, Northern Syria.
Turkey invaded Afrin with thousands of FSA jihadists. The FSA killed this Kurdish farmer then stole his tractor, 22nd February, 2018. Turkey is using every jihadi factions that have horrible criminal records to invade Afrin. Here is a compilation of crimes against humanity. Ethnic cleansing against kurds and looting in the city of Afrin, 10000 Turkey backed jihadi including 3400 Turks taking part in this crime.
Afrin a Kurdish male in Afrin being tortured and beaten by Turkish troops and militia May, 2019. Afrin under Turkish occupation you can see clearly how a Turkish mercenary shoots a woman in front of children when he was trying to abuse her and she resisted 1st March, 2019. Jouma was left completely blind after a Turkish air strike hit a bus he and his family were on whilst fleeing their home in Afrin in March 2018.